You choose where to place…Listen to Your List

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It Is a One-Two Punch

A fundamental approach to maximum performance is grounded in the control list and the inventory list.

Control List

In the control list, you separate items of challenge that you cannot control from issues that you can control. For example: If the issue is a distraction, you should separate weather and a fire alarm(issues that you cannot control) from fatigue and anger(issues that you can control). Remembering that energy management is just as important as time management; you can stop the internal combustion caused by a focus on issues that you cannot control. This will free you to concentrate on the issues that you can control.

Inventory list

The second list of emphasis is the inventory list. You isolate what you do not have from what you do have. In my current situation, I can no longer walk or place body weight on my legs and feet. Therefore, I can no longer do a number of the things I loved to do: walking on a stage, work in my yard planting flowers and Mundo grass, walk down the beach holding my wife’s hand. When I compare the negative list of limitations to the inventory that equals my remaining talents and abilities I am thrust off of my pot of pity. The gifts of family, faith, gratitude, my ability to still share my knowledge and experiences, and the gift of wonder overpowers the negative inventory.

The manner in which you relate to your control list and inventory list will determine your performance level. E. B. White had one of his characters state: “there is a bright future for complexity”. There is also a bright future for simplicity. Listen to your list: the control list and the inventory list. Separate what you can control from what you cannot control. Separate what you have lost from what you still have control over. These simple acts will help you maximize your performance.

Listen to you listen!

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