When Focus Finds You

by | Thoughts

Within a culture of change, there is a great deal of emphasis on finding focus. Our environment moves faster and faster with each passing day. Often I wonder if we do not have it backwards.  Do we actually find focus? Or, can focus find us?

Is it a matter of finding and putting something into ourselves that we did not previously have?  Or, is it a matter of removing blockades and barriers so that focus can find and penetrate us?

The second option is certainly worth considering! If you are interested in placing yourself in a position where focus can find you, consider removing several barriers:  Regret, Revenge, Rumination!

Regret can reveal itself as a barrier! We can become so preoccupied with a past mistake that we become insulated against future anticipation and achievement. Dwelling on past mistakes is not productive. It is best to make a decision concerning a better way to have handled your situation and move on. Declare to do better the next time. Our regret insulates us so much that it becomes difficult for focus to find us.

Revenge can be a barrier against focus finding us! Revenge will keep you from moving forward. When one is negative, concentrating on revenge, that one isolates himself from the future. It becomes highly unlikely that focus can detect this person in such an environment.

Rumination can serve as a screen which prevents focus from finding us! Excessive rumination, mulling over and over, incessant analysis, can blind you against that which actually stands right in front of you.

If you want focus to find you, remove the barriers of regret, revenge and excessive rumination! Set a course of action in writing. Set a time frame to complete these action steps. And then resolve to move on. This will help to give you focus and move forward.

The resources of faith, family, and friends are available and eager to help you remove your barriers and blockades. Gifted by the support of others, you can take a significant role in removing the barriers of regret and revenge and rumination. Once these barriers are removed, you may find that focus finds you!

Stephen is the best-selling author of 26 books, including What Do They See When They See You Coming? He has also written countless articles for a variety of publications and has produced multiple audio books and video programs. Stephen has appeared on PBS Television and XM Sirius Satellite Radio. He continues to hold one of the highest invite-back ratios in the speaking profession.