What Do They See When They See You Coming?

The Power of Perception Over Reality

What Do They See When They See You Coming?

What you do not think about can deny you the outcomes you have targeted! Communication is more than source, message, channel, and receiver. The fifth element of communication is perception.

What the source sends to the receiver may not be what the receiver hears. The receiver filters the message based on experience and perspective. Perception lives at the intersection of vision and wisdom.

The owl, known for its vision and wisdom, is a stellar mascot for perception. What the receiver sees (vision) may demand a response. The response reflects the knowledge (wisdom) that the source has about the power of perception over reality. This work is unique in that it highlights specific relationship-challenges.

“What that challenge looks like”(vision) is a central focus of this book.
“What the response looks like”(wisdom) addresses how-to-steps related to the challenge.

What Do They See When They See You Coming? may prove to be the most important question that you ask and answer as a leader. How others perceive you is your business!

Your microphone is always on.


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