The Power of Three: Advocacy, Perception, Leadership

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Professionals within the nonprofit discipline may think about the microphone-factor in relationship to their clientele and their mission. However, it is what you do not think about that can cost you the results you want.

Becoming an advocate for your clientele is one thing. Being an advocate for your organization within a broader context is another matter — a very important matter. Transforming the broader community into advocates for your organization will enable you to be stronger advocates for your clientele.

An appropriate question is: “What does transforming your community into advocates for your organization look like?”

It looks like: the power of three: advocacy, perception, and leadership.

Many consider Stephen M. Gower, CSP to be the unique authority at each point in the power of three.

Where advocacy is concerned, he is the author of “Advocacy Required.”

When perception comes into play, he is the best-selling author of “What Do They See When They See You Coming?”

Where leadership is concerned, he is the author of “Leadership Re-Think.”

Mr. Gower has presented for more than 2,500 non-profit organizations.

He has taught participants how to:

Isolate apathy, ambivalence, antagonism, appreciation, and advocacy
Pursue advocacy
Implement the five

Stephen’s 5 Mega-keepers of perception:

1) your microphone is always on

2) we do not have the same starting point or learn at the same pace

3) we do not all speak the same language even if we speak English

4) perception is driven by perceiver

5) what is insignificant to you might be significant to someone else

To claim and polish the leader within themselves with an emphasis on the direction of their thinking, the discipline of their approach, and the delight they bring to journey.  

Remember: You are always on the air. Your microphone is always on!

Stephen is the best-selling author of 26 books, including What Do They See When They See You Coming? He has also written countless articles for a variety of publications and has produced multiple audio books and video programs. Stephen has appeared on PBS Television and XM Sirius Satellite Radio. He continues to hold one of the highest invite-back ratios in the speaking profession.