The Kitchen Table!

by | Teamwork

At the center point of my office is an old kitchen table. It is there for a reason. That composite of wood served our family until I was 14. My memories of those moments are pleasant. When we moved to our new home, TV trays replaced the kitchen table. Broderick Crawford  and “Highway Patrol” became more important than kitchen table conversation—but my parents still insisted that we talked to each other during this family time.

My point is this—some who work with you have no family except those with whom they work. This story illustrates two of our Perception Mega Keepers. The first reminder is that “we do not all have the same starting point.” Some start their day with a family; others have no family apart from work. The second reminder is that “what is little to you can be big to someone else.” You may not think of your co-workers as family; others feel that their co-workers are all the family that they have.

Thirty years ago when I began working in this area, the most important motivating factor was monetary compensation. At this writing, the number one motivating factor is emotional well being. Remember you maybe all the family some of your co-workers have.

My wife and I enjoy “Blue Bloods” on CBS each Friday night.  A central moment in each episode is the family meal. One thing that you might want to do is to invite a co-worker to a meal in your home from time to time.

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