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The Encouragement Mindset for Public Safety
Hundreds of Ways to Practice Encouragement.

It Takes a Team Effort
In a complex world, where chaos erupts like a volcano and grows like kudzu, an encouragement mindset in public safety is essential. At the core, encouragement is the inclination; mindset is the inspiration. Public safety is the initiative and the follow-up that is mandated to provide a safe environment for the citizens of a particular territory.

As you seek an encouragement mindset, remember: there is a remarkable relationship between individual team member choices and stellar team performance patterns. Your choices create, confirm, or change circumstances. You can choose to go alone, or you can choose to work with the team.

Your best alternative is to is to pursue encouragement as a team effort. This is more complex than you might think. In reality, you choose to service the journey of three: yourself, your team, and the citizens that you serve. You cannot give what you do not have, nor can your team give what it does not have. The Encouragement Mindset for Public Safety gives you the tools that you need to help develop stunning teams.

Most believe that the public safety concept was crafted between 1948 and 1962. There is no doubt that this concept has continued to expand over the years. What began as basic law enforcement and international security has grown exponentially. Many of the agencies now included are: Police, Sheriff, SWAT, FBI, CIA, TSA, Homeland Security, School Resource Officers, Fire-Rescue, EMT, College Security, and more.

As a public safety professional, you can make a positive difference in the world. You may not recognize all the differences that you make. Some of the differences you make are not the ones you intended to make. However, your encouragement mindset is needed now more than ever since 9-11-2001. The most effective differences that you make will occur when you recognize that it takes a team effort.

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