Lessons Learned From the Nation’s Top Cops

Mastering the Privilege of Leadership – Discover Why Leadership is not What it Used to Be.

Leadership and management are not the same thing.

Leading the self is essential because you cannot give what you do not have.
Leadership is grounded in communication, process, and inspiration. Management is grounded in control, event, and imposition.

You can be a leader even if you are not in a leadership position.

Stephen M. Gower, CSP is respected within law enforcement across the country as the Perception Professional and the Architect of Leadership Re-think!

Mr. Gower has one of the highest invite-back ratios in the country. He is the author of over 30 books and has given over 5,000 presentations.

“I have heard many speak on leadership within law enforcement. Stephen Gower stands out front. I find Stephen to be a very perceptive individual and a person who enlightens and inspires.”

-Commissioner J. A. FarrowCalifornia Highway PatrolWinner: The J. Stannard Baker Award


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