Lessons Learned From Fire-Rescue Leaders

Insights for Every Leader – They Lead in a Challenging World. Learn From Them.

Within you is a leader and a follower. Claim and polish them both.

Stephen M. Gower, CSP is benefiting Fire and Rescue Leaders across the country. His message is compelling, his style riveting. Mr. Gower has given more than 5,000 presentations, and is a best-selling author of over 30 books. He holds a master’s degree from Emory University.

John M. Buckman, III has served the German Township Volunteer Fire Department for 38 years. In 2001-2002, he served as president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. He is a co-founding member of the IAFC VCOS. He has presented in all fifty states.

“Stephen M. Gower, CSP is a powerful, dynamic and memorable speaker with unique approaches to leadership. Chief John M. Buckman, III is an institution in the fire service, known for his knowledge, integrity and candor. A collaboration between these two figures should be a must-read.”

-Mike MacDonald, Editor National Fire & Rescue Magazine

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