Leadership Essentials for Challenging Times

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The icon of travel for these Eastern US is I-85. This highway runs through the heart of Atlanta, requiring years of construction time, and transporting traffic for decades. Last week many of us witness this gigantic structure collapsed within minutes. A section of concrete lost its battle against the heat from a roaring fire. The impact from this collapse could be felt across the state of Georgia and the surrounding states by commuters traveling this thoroughfare.

Leadership within Law Enforcement can discover or re-discover leadership essentials that were showcased during the response to the collapse of the section of I-85. A quick study illustrates several examples of leadership essentials.

Leadership Essentials

1.  The anticipation of the challenge. These “first responders” paid the preparation price. They visualized the challenge before it occurred. They trained and retrained.

2.  Respond quickly. These first responders were on the scene within a few minutes. Each situation will probably vary is some way requiring some lengthy deliberation. This situation demanded immediate action.

3.  Ask for help. In this case, those on the scene requested help from the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Fire Fighters. Even with 18 miles of  “rush-hour” congestion, this team was on the scene within minutes.

4.  Think team, looking out for everyone’s safety. No one was injured by the fire or the collapse of the concrete. Those on the scene had each other back.

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