Information Minus Implementation Equals Irritation

by | Perception, Thoughts

The conference speaker was stellar. Her content was riveting; her style was real. The audience was spellbound by her delivery. She received a standing ovation. She had obviously paid the preparation price and the audience had received her message.

The conference concluded, the attendees returned to work, yet nothing changed. The information received was not implemented. This is not merely a training issue. It is a Re-Training Issue. It is important to remember that “how you lead determines how you will lead others.” This is a challenge for public safety professionals.

It is as if the conference excitement does not lead to the execution of information received. Those who planned for the conference become frustrated and irritated. Information minus implementation equals irritation.

Situations can change. Past performance does not have to equal past results. There is a way to create and nurture implementation. Through this presentation participants will learn to:

Understand the relationship between being and doing. Doing does not define being. Doing becomes the extension of being. Who you are determines what you are doing. The lack of implementation has more to do with character than with competency traits.

Recognize the reasons why implementation does not occur: Confusion, the pursue of pension over passion, fear, and the perception that action is not needed.

Appreciate the structure of implementation: relations, resiliency, resolve, results, reward.

Execute the do, drop, delegate.

Monitor and measure points of improvement and implementation.

Value the power of choice. Choices create, change, and confirm patterns of behavior. The matter of  implementation is a matter of choice.

Focus not on finding people most likely to implement. Attract people who are most likely to implement.

Create and follow the Agenda for Growth.

Keep a record of opportunities isolated and outcomes that are targeted.

Today is the day to fix tomorrow.

Stephen is the best-selling author of 26 books, including What Do They See When They See You Coming? He has also written countless articles for a variety of publications and has produced multiple audio books and video programs. Stephen has appeared on PBS Television and XM Sirius Satellite Radio. He continues to hold one of the highest invite-back ratios in the speaking profession.