How to Develop Enthusiastic Morale

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If “morale” is the level of attitudes and actions in relationship to work, then there is a way to develop a positive, enthusiastic morale.  You will be more likely to approach a beneficial range of morale when you learn and practice The Art of M-E-G-A Encouragement:

  • Measure Enthusiasm
  • Encourage Team Member
  • Gauge Results
  • Acknowledge Growth.

Measure Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is the positive release of one’s best for the benefit of the company.

In order to effectively encourage team members, gauge results, and acknowledge growth, you must first establish a starting point.  Your established starting point will equal the measured, initial enthusiastic level as you perceive it. 

There are several vehicles that will help you answer the “How do I measure the level of ‘enthusiastic morale’ question?”: 

1. Surveys/Questionnaires conducted with existing team members.  

2. Interviews with recent retirees. 

3.  Observations conducted within your head and heart: punctuality, absenteeism, gossip, turf protection, resistance/acceptance of team initiatives, productivity, etc.

Encourage Team Members

Encouragement equals an enigma.  It never ends yet, it can always begin again. 

Avoid the three hurdles to encouragement:  do not assume that others know how you feel when you feel supportive, and do not generalize when you do express encouragement, do not allow the routine to stand in the way of expressed, “particularized” encouragement.  (Never underestimate the power of the word “because”.  Example “I appreciate you because…”)

Gauge the Results

Monitor the improvement that the measuring and encouraging have produced.

This is What the improvement looks like.  And this is Why the improvement occurred.  This is How the improvement can be duplicated and expanded. Always gauge the growth within yourself before you gauge the growth within your team.

Acknowledge the Growth

Unfortunately, we are much better at loss review than win reviews.  We are better at catching them doing wrong and “making a big deal out of it” than we are catching them doing well and “making a big deal out of it.” 

As you specifically acknowledge growth spurts, you position your team for the miracle or cycle that can eventually lead to a sustained high morale.

To keep enthusiastic morale at a sustainable high is to practice the art of M-E-G-A Encouragement.

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