Claim and Polish the Leader within You

by | Leadership

Five “Dockit” Quotes

1. Leadership is an ocean, not a pool. Your leadership can equal an extension of your personality coming through in what you do, specifically at the points of your influence. Those points occur at your work, within your family, and within how you influence yourself. Remember, there is already within each of us a skills-set, perhaps very raw and initially obscure that can be claimed and polished. Occasionally, you will find it essential to talk. Leadership at its strongest is influence and inspiration, not an imposition.

2. When your world wobbles, when stumbling, not soaring, seems to be your mantra, when your leadership feels shaky, find help. There is help within. The peace and presence that you cannot figure out, that comes from within, is Him! There is help at the point of perspective. You have been there before (awkwardness). You made it through then, why not now? You will find support in your army of allies: mentors, colleagues, counselors, friends, and family. You will also find support in your arsenal of resources: trade magazines, books, internal, CDs and DVDs.

The shakes (the struggle) have a strange way of preparing one for the steady (the soaring). Help will often come at the point of surprise, but it usually requires a prepared place. Ultimately, instead of sitting around and waiting for happy endings, you have to take responsibility for your actions and your future.

3. Leader: what you fear can bless your leadership! Delegating may help not hurt. Failure can teach, not always torture. Restraint can trump impulsiveness. Your being open(even vulnerable) may unite your team; not divide it. Those who appear out to hurt you may be out to help you. (Unfortunately, the reverse is also true: those who appear to be out to help you may actually be out to hurt you.) Detours can deliver delightful surprises. Keep fear in balance. Refuse to take it so far as to equal paranoia.

4. No one is normal. Keen leaders honor uniqueness. Keen leaders vary at the point of starting and at the point of pace. Normality is an illusion; we are all insecure partners but for different reasons.

5. Dispense some slack! Extreme strictness can siphon away initiative. On occasion, dispensing some slack can encourage creativity. We are often too hard on others because the expectations we have of ourselves are excessive. It will be easier to dispense portions of slack towards others when you practice the same with yourself. Where would you be if you had never been the beneficiary of a second opportunity (some slack)? On occasion, slack will be totally inappropriate; sometimes you will have to care enough to comfort immediately, specifically, and firmly.

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