Author of What do They See When They See You Coming


What Do They See When They See You Coming?

Stephen Gower helps public safety professionals recognize and practice the power of perception over reality and apply basic awareness skills. Remember that your microphone is always on. It is what you do not think about that denies you what you want.

"Stephen Gower is one of the most powerful authors on the planet. His ideas have helped me throughout my speaking career. He's brilliant."



“Wow!! That Stephen Gower is something else. It was the most edifying, educational, and encouraging training that I have attended in my 25 years at the Salem VA. Stephen Gower lives with you long after you have read his books. He becomes a personal coach whispering in your ear words of encouragement.”

Participants’ Comments, Salem VAMC, Lee, Federal ADR Mediator


The Encouragement Mindset for Public Safety gives you the tools that you need to help develop stunning teams.

This mini book reminds you that, as a public safety professional, you can make a positive difference in the world. You may not recognize all the differences that you make. Some of the differences you make are not the ones you intended to make. However, your encouragement mindset is needed now more than ever since 9-11-2001.The mindset begins with one-on-one encouragement and spreads throughout the team. The most effective differences that you make will occur when you recognize that it takes a team effort.

Discover hundreds of ways to practice encouragement and learn the stunning relationship between one-on-one and team encouragement.

“It has been almost a year since I had you speak . . . from the first week forward, I have seen indications that your presentation on ‘What Do They See When They See You Coming?’ had a profound and lasting effect . . . The impact has been powerful and pervasive . . . Stephen, it was a great experience and the transfer of knowledge was much more complete than I thought possible.”

Grady W. Brown, Senior Vice President, Mattel