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Posted on: January 1st, 2015 by Stephen M. Gower, CSP

 “Everyday you are given a stellar gift — a remarkable opportunity to make a difference in the life of another person. I do not speak, train, write, or consult to be enjoyed. I seek to make differences and to help others make differences.” smg

A Speaker and so Much More!
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 Stephen began speaking in public at age six, his mother insisted on as much, as she was a public speech teacher. Considered one of the strongest speakers in the industry, Stephen has given more than 5,000 presentations. His 50 years of experience pays huge dividends for his audiences. In 50 states and 10 countries, Stephen is known for his riveting content and mesmerizing delivery. The word “experience” surfaces again and Stephen is respected as one who creates relationships with his audiences. Participants do not merely listen to him, they experience his excitement, his authenticy, and vulnerability. Universities, organizations, and individuals benefit from Stephen’s educational material.

“Stephen is one of the most powerful speakers on the planet. He is a brilliant man. I am honored to call Stephen Gower a friend and I am proud to say that I have learned a lot from Stephen about perseverance and courage. I am going to ask you to do something that sounds strange in regards to his books. Do Not Read His Books! That’s right, Don’t Read His Books! Rather, I recommend you Study the Books! Mark them up, highlight them, and make notes in the margins. Again, study his books and you will see that it will make you think bigger and bigger! His books will help you find power that you might not have known was in you, and you will be empowered at a new level.” Dr. Willie Jolley, CSP, CPAE   Washington, DC

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TAOTC jacket and Contents

The Art of the Call is not a how-to-dispatch book. It is not an attempt to motivate. This presentation will equal a service-the-journey guide that impacts both performance and self-motivation. The approach of this presentation is grounded in the power-of-three structure: Communication, Service, and Leadership. The core objectives of this presentation are: Re-Think “communication.” It is more than source, message, channel, and receiver. The fifth element, often ignored, is perception. Re-Think “service.” Service must be respected as a verb. Re-Think “leadership.” Leadership is an ocean, not a pool, a labor not a label. Concepts targeted in this presentation include:



1. First Responders equal more than “first on the scene.”

2. Dispatchers are also first responders who deserve to be recognized, supported, and nurtured.

3. Dispatchers must service the journey of three: the caller, the team member, and the self.

4. Participants will discover “assumption-awareness” and “assumption-avoidance.”

5. Attendees will discover that “strength-sculpting” is more powerful than “weakness-chiseling.

6.”What is little to you could be big to someone else.

7. Your microphone is always on.

The power of story will help attendees recapture the essence of the presentation. The force behind interaction will facilitate learning. How others perceive dispatchers and how dispatchers perceive themselves will change. Participants will recognize the power of choice. Choices create, confirm, and change circumstances.