Gainesville, Georgia Public Seminar at Brenau University 11.10.14

Posted on: July 1st, 2014 by Stephen M. Gower, CSP

“Stephen is one of the most powerful speakers on the planet…a brilliant man!”                 -Dr. Willy Jolley, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Washington, DC

“Wow! The amount of energy and excitement that flows from Stephen Gower into the student and the teacher is awesome. This man must be  heard, he must be experienced.”    -Dr. Belle Wheelan, President Commission of Colleges, Southern Assn. of Colleges and Schools (SACS), Decatur, GA

Perception Defines Your Leadership

Internationally acclaimed professional speaker, and Northeast Georgia native, presents a Leadership Event: “What Do They See When They See You Coming? Celebrate and Polish the Leader within You.”

Experience Stephen M. Gower, CSP live Monday, November 10, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Brenau Downtown Center, 301 Main Street, SW, Gainesville, GA. The tickets range from $65.00 to $85.00 (depending on date of purchase and quantity purchased) Register now! Seating is limited.

The core of this presentation is Stephen’s Five Mega-Keepers of Perception:

  •  Your microphone is always on!
  •  We do not all have the same starting points, nor do we run/learn at the same pace!
  •  We do not speak the same language, even if we all speak English
  •  Perception is driven by the perceiver– from underneath a “Thatch Hut!”
  •  What is insignificant to you can be extremely significant to someone else.

Participants will learn:

  • You do not have to stay the way you are.
  • There is a leader within you to be celebrated and polished.
  • Leadership is not management; leadership is an ocean not a pool.
  • People quit buying, producing, and communicating because of a perceived attitude of indifference.
  • Thinking about your thoughts is essential; refuse to believe everything you think.
  • The number one arrow in the leader’s quiver is the power of story.
  • Choices create, choices confirm, and choices change circumstances.
  • Today is the day to fix tomorrow.

Biographical and testimonial information is located within this website. How others perceive you is your business! Be prepared, you do not merely listen to Stephen Gower, CSP, you experience him!

Investment: What Do They See When They See You Coming? November 10th 2014 Half Day (9:00a.m.-12:00 a.m.) at Brenau University, Brenau Downtown Center Theater,  For tickets call: 706.297.7678 or email: or mail: PO Box 714, Toccoa, GA 30577

Everyday you are given a stellar gift — the remarkable opportunity to make a difference in the life of another person!” smg